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Main Street Rag Publishing Company
PO BOX 690100
Charlotte, NC 28227-7001

Since we do not receive mail at our physical address, we do not list it to avoid confusion and disappointment for those who mail anything to us using the US Postal Service. If you are shipping something to us using FedEx or UPS, please call first for the correct information.

Phone number: 704-573-2516 
(Please note: We no longer keep regular office hours, but the best time to contact us by phone is Monday through Friday, 11am-5pm and there is voicemail if someone is not available to answer at the time you call.)

Primary email address:
Viewers will see other addresses scattered throughout the Main Street Rag website and may even receive responses from MSR email addresses not found listed anywhere on this website. This is the ONLY Main Street Rag email address that is monitored on a daily basis and will take questions directly to the attention of Publisher/Managing Editor: M. Scott Douglass.

Sending questions or email responses to ANY other MSR address decreases the likelihood of response significantly, but please note: This email address has been around for 20 years and has been SPAMMED so often that there is low tolerance for those who opt to use it for marketing without permission. SPAMMERS will be blocked from access, so please be courteous and do not abuse this address.