Anthology Submission Guidelines:


  1. Anthology Submissions are by EMAIL ONLY. All submissions should be emailed as WORD or RTF attachments to the address specified by the individual theme.
  2. Contact information (name, shipping address, email address) must appear in the body of the submission email as well as on the attached file.
  3. Submission file name should match the title of the story and subject line of email should read: “Anthology Submission for ___________ theme” (fill in blank).
  4. Authors may submit 1 story or two poems per theme for the reading period; maximum length: 10,000 words (fiction/nonfiction), 60 lines per poem. Flash fiction is acceptable as are stand-alone novel excerpts. Do not submit the same story or poem to different themes even if there is overlap.
  5. Stories should be double-space using 11 or 12pt serif font (Times, Times New Roman, etc.).
  6. Single space is fine for poetry.
  7. Reading Period: Anthologies may differ, so be sure to read the specific terms below. Submissions close 5pm EASTERN on the deadline date with final report time 2-3 months afterward.
  8. Previously Published are eligible if they have NOT been published in print within the past 5 years (prior to submission) in another anthology or magazine. Items published in individual collections are fine, Previously Published Online will depend on WHERE, so be sure to tell us at the time of submission.
  9. NO Simultaneous Submissions. We will not include work in this collection that is scheduled for publication elsewhere (with the exception of an author’s individual book), so we’d rather not invest the time reading something that may not be available at press time. We appreciate authors’ understanding our rationale.

If you have any questions in regard to eligibility, query first to If the question concerns previously published, please include where and when it was previously published.

Thank you.


Current Themes:

(Submisson links will be active during reading period.)

The themes below have closed. One or more new themes will be posted by March 2016 for Summer 2016 submission. Please visit again, but if you want to know for sure, sign up for the MSR Bulletin Board notices and you will receive an email notification when the Bulletin Board has been updated (usually once a month).

Upcoming Themes (May 2016)


Reading/Submission period: CLOSED –September 15, 2016.  Most of us have been in a bar or two sometime in our lives. Some of us frequent them often. Maybe you have a corner in the neighborhood pub where the bartender knows you by name and what you drink. Life happens in these places. People gather here, talk shop, make deals, have a good time, sometimes not such a good time. Sometimes things happen at a bar we wish we could forget. Other times we wish we could remember. Each has its own flavor and patrons, expectations and surprises. They have been the muse for a multitude of writers of the centuries. Tell us about yours in the form of a poem, a story, a colorful anecdote. As long as a bar is part of it, we want to see it.

We will announce selections in October. Thank you to all who sent work for consideration.

FAST FOOD (Things that happen at fast food joints)

Reading/Submission period: CLOSED-September 15, 2016. We’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what you do for a living. Every city has its own variety of fast food, its own definition, and every writer has stories or poems that are shaped by these places and our experiences with them. It could be a poem describing the merits of your favorite hamburger or the best fried chicken or a story in which fast food and the places that serve it are a small part of a bigger picture. We want to see them. If fast food or the places that serve it are part of the experience, the muse that makes us cringe or celebrate the diversity of who we are, send it to us.

We will announce selections in October. Thank you to all who sent work for consideration.


Anthologies in progress for release in fall 2016


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